Take These Three Steps to Never Pay a Ransom

Take These Three Steps to Never Pay a Ransom

Ransomware is a multibillion dollar threat, routinely bringing unsuspecting businesses to their knees.  Once a business gets attacked, all its systems are locked until a set ransom is paid to the hacker.  Roughly 40% of US, UK, and German businesses suffer a ransomware attack at some point, according to an antivirus report by AVG.  Of the 40% of businesses who are hit, a staggering 60% shut down altogether due to being financially crippled, maliciously locked from their systems, and more.

As a small business owner, it’s all too easy to get caught in the illusion that since you’re not sporting 7-figure accounts, malicious hackers have no interest in you.  But consider these grim realities.  A stunning one third of SMB owners don’t even know what ransomware is (or how to protect against it).  But to top it all, downtime from ransomware costs SMB’s an average of $8,500/hr, according to a ransomware report from Datto.  Can you comfortably shell out $8,500/hr?

What we’re seeing now are the beginnings of what could very quickly become a “cyber plague”.  Copy-cat criminals are fueling a dark-web gold rush that shows no signs of slowing down.  With each successful attack, and every dollar generated from ransomware, more and more criminals are piling on for their share of the profits.  And as we’ve established, small to medium-sized businesses are top-tier targets.

Welcome To Lionfront

If all of this has you feeling a bit overwhelmed, that’s perfectly natural.  (And that’s exactly how ransomware hackers want you to feel.)  But how would you feel if you knew you had top-of-the-line 24/7 protection for your company’s assets?  At Lionfront, that’s precisely what we’re offering.

We understand that ransomware is serious.  And a serious threat calls for a serious solution.  We base our approach to ransomware protection around 3 key steps to help you stay fully protected:

1) System Audits And 24/7 Monitoring

The first step Lionfront takes for optimal ransomware protection is to regularly audit your system’s passwords.  What’s involved in a system audit?  Simply put, your employee’s and executive’s passwords, and all other related sensitive hashes, are checked against a set standard of difficulty.

If the password or item fails the test (is too easily guessable), the password’s owner will be notified to create a new, more complex password.  Weak or easily guessable passwords are a major source of weakness in your company’s digital defenses.  Sarah over in marketing (password “sarah1988”) just might cost your business $100K tomorrow.  (That is, if you’re not intelligently protected.)  In fact, the main reason companies suffer ransomware attacks is weak employee passwords, and similar issues.

In addition to regular password tests and notifications, Lionfront’s system auditing includes regular checks to make sure authority is properly routed within your system.  Ensuring that the right individuals have access to the right materials is crucial in preventing attacks.

2) Commercial Grade Managed Antivirus

Even if you didn’t know what ransomware was prior to reading this article, you probably knew that antivirus software is your computer’s digital moat against attacks.

But did you know that an antivirus that isn’t continually managed and updated is practically worthless?  Did you also know that the vast majority of small businesses don’t properly update their antivirus systems?

Lionfront’s commercial grade managed antivirus has a 98% success rate against hacks.  But do you know why our system is so reliably bulletproof?  We keep you at the cutting edge of digital security through constant monitoring and updating.

We’re not just there to protect you from hackers.  We’re there to keep you one step ahead of them, too.

3) Continual Encrypted Cloud Backups

Let’s say that the worst case scenario occurs.  Your system gets hacked and ransomed.  The fact that downtime costs SMB’s $8,500/hr flashes through your mind, and your palms start to sweat.  But if you had Lionfront watching your back, you’d be operational again in mere minutes.

In addition to password and authority audits, commercial grade AV and 24/7 monitoring, Lionfront offers continual encrypted Cloud backups.  So if the dreaded worst case scenario unfolds and you are in fact ransomed, you won’t have to pay a penny.

Not only will you avoid ransom payments, but secure Cloud encryption guarantees swift access to uncorrupted versions of your files and materials if your system is compromised.  Lionfront works through every conceivable scenario to keep ransoms, cybercrime and downtime where they belong: away from your company.

Get some help now from our experts through a free Cyber Security audit of your business.