Some Cyber Security Tips for 2018

The 2017 has come to its end, and everybody is thinking, what is next?

After the cyber-attacks on 2017. What is expecting for us in 2018? One thing is certain. In cyber security, as soon as one hole is plugged, hackers find another way in, and with every new technology comes a brand-new set of risks.

Here are some cyber security tips for 2018 that will protect your enterprise not only in the 2018 but in the years to come.

Take care of the level of access you give to your business associates.

Over this past year we saw incidents where hackers targeted the smaller, third-party vendors of larger organizations such as Verizon, Trump Hotels, the Republican National Committee, and Netflix. It is estimated that over 60% of all breaches now involve third-party business associates. Often, hackers attack these companies because they tend to be smaller than their corporate customers and have less robust cyber security. Make sure to vet you vendors information very carefully. Give your vendors the minimum level of access to your systems and data that they need, and no more. Include cyber security provisions in your vendor contracts, including security measures your business partners must take regarding their own vendors.

The biggest security vulnerability in any organization is its own people.

All of the updates, firewalls, and technical controls in the world will worth nothing if an employee clicks on a link in a phishing email, shares their passwords, or decides to strike back against the company. You should include continuous employee training on cyber security best practices as well as precautions to guard against malicious insiders.

Keep Your Software & Systems Updated

The WannaCry and NotPetya attacks targeted unpatched versions of Microsoft Windows, and the Equifax breach was the fault of the organization for not updating its installation of Adobe Struts. One of the easiest ways to face the cyber-attacks is to keep your operating systems and software up to date.

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