Patch Management


Systems and softwares are getting obsolete pretty fast and may expose your data to serious security risks and unstability. Security breaches within old systems are one of the most common ways for hackers to install malwares or access your data.

Having a patch policy is fundamental to protect your system from hackers and keep it stable. You can have the peace of mind of having this policy implemented through a patch management software that will ensure your systems are always up-to-date.

Thanks to our patch management product you will be always sure to have your software and systems patched and updated automatically at the best moment reducing the impact on your operations.

Any issue related to your system being updated will be automatically notified to our technicians who will be able to fix the issue remotely without having you know it.

Patches protect systems from many malware applications. While it seems like our Managed Services are constantly expecting users to update their systems, it is because they are working to protect their applications from newly invented malware and in this case, the updates are done automatically.

Patches should not be done manually but should be automatically managed through software to ensure it is done regularly, it does not impact your daily operations and keeps control over what updates you want to do or not.

Preventive security patching

With our automatic news search technology, we are immediately informed of new security breaches and cyber attacks to better

update your system as needed
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Reduced impact on operations

Our patch policy is specifically designed to avoid affecting your business during working hours

Extended patch policy

Our patch policy applies to your operative system and our products as well as third parties products

Patch Management