Managed Backup

If your systems undergo a massive technical failure and if you have not backed up your most crucial data, recovering this lost data will not only take a long time but may also lead to production downtime and incur a huge cost to the company. Losing critical and sensitive data is also detrimental to the company, leading to the loss of clients.

During the event that your systems have been compromised or have been affected by massive technical failures, you can rest assured that your data has been backed up securely and all of your sensitive information can be recovered from the cloud storage space of the Amazon Web Services. Thanks to our Managed Backup services called The Image-based/Bare metal backup and Recovery plans, a complete backup of the operation system, applications and files can be stored and retrieved from the cloud, avoiding the lost of data and reducing the downtime.

Excessive hardware equipment is not necessary to backup and store your important data. Using our Managed Backup Services, you are completely able to recover and/or transfer necessary data to a completely new device of your choice.

Our Managed Backup Services also includes the feature of scheduled backup to ensure that the most recent data has been backed up and stored in our cloud space. This makes it possible for you to access your data anytime and from any device that you may assign, helping you prevent the occurrence of data loss, data breach, and other unforeseen technical failures.

Managed Backup – Enables you to back up your employees’ computers as well as your servers. This solution ensures your company’s data is safely backed up.

Our managed backup, includes:

  • Image Based Backup.
  • Backup and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Encryption Technology.
  • Automated Monitoring.

Backup should not be done manually but should be automatically managed through a software to ensure it is done regularly, always encrypted and in a safe and 24/7 accessible location.

Managed Backup