Managed Antivirus

Your antivirus is your last defence against attacks on your system. Many companies choose this key software with great care but forget to manage it properly. Antivirus software that is not activated, not updated or has malfunctions is common and increases the risk of being attacked.

Businesses are facing an increasing complexity of their IT systems as the number of connected devices and applications increases. The automatic management of its system becomes an obligation but most companies forget to integrate one of the software at the center of its security, its antivirus.

Antivirus is the software that runs in the background on your computer or other device and makes sure to check regularly the files and software present, blocks suspicious manipulations or attempts of intrusion. It is often overlooked and many companies leave it to their employees, who may or may not be able to update it, disable it or simply ignore its alerts.

An antivirus management solution ensures that on all devices your protection is always activated and operational, ensuring the maximum security offered by the software.

Imagine for a moment having to install an antivirus on all your devices. It can take several hours, but an antivirus management software will do it in an instant.

Your systems benefit from the same protection because of the management of updates, analysis of errors are directly managed by the software. Users cannot disable or uninstall the software. If there is a risk of intrusion, an analysis can be carried out on all devices to ensure that the entire system is protected.

With 24/7 management, you make sure that someone keeps an eye on your antivirus at all times, setting up the best strategies in case of infection to prevent any spread.

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Managed Policies

We can create our own policies around quarantine rules, virus definition downloads and more, in order to protect your PC.

Active protection and behavioral scanning

Shut down even the most sophisticated malware via continuous real-time monitoring that detects programs performing actions associated with malware.

Updates in Near Real-Time

We can receive updates in near real-time, as well as in-depth reports across our customer’s endpoints, to help you quickly remedy malware issues.

Heuristic checks

Protect against previously unknown threats using heuristic checks, which detect  unrecognized viruses in a sandbox environment away from a business’ core systems.

Managed Antivirus