Data Encryption

Data Encryption

Your company hires several freelance contractors during a busy period. They are working with sensitive data that must be handled with extra care. One of the steps is to ensure that ports are left closed to prevent any potential hacking attempts on the database. Although the contractors have been given appropriate training on how to ensure that the ports are closed, one contractor is careless and leaves a port open at the end of the day. No one realizes until the next morning.

In the meantime, a team of hackers have been waiting for such an opportunity. They have programs which are designed to detect when ports are left open and as soon as an opportunity arises, they can access open files and databases and steal the information contained within.

The scale of the data breach is huge. Customer details and sensitive information has been compromised. The hackers can use this information either as blackmail or for fraudulent purposes.

How could this data breach disaster have been prevented?

Lionfront can provide dedicated security software systems to prevent such an incident. We use advanced programs to check for open ports and find out what applications are using them.

If encrypted files are hacked, the hackers will be able to open the files but without the password, the data within will be letters and numbers which do not contain the actual information.

Having sufficient firewalls, encryption and software to prevent hacking is essential to any company which uses computer databases to store sensitive information. Most cyber-attacks are preventable with the correct software in place to detect and defend attacks. Lionfront conducts ongoing research into the latest methods used by hackers and can help ensure that we are one step ahead. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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