Our Approach

More than just IT services

LionFront has been created to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) solve their IT troubles. We know how frustrating it can be having your employees unable to work because of your internet or workstations not functioning. IT is expensive, time-consuming, and complicated when it is supposed to make your life easier! Our philosophy is let’s make IT easy again so you can focus on what really matters: YOUR BUSINESS.

Unlike most onsite IT service companies we believe in being proactive by preventing and fixing problems before they affect the business is the key. We keep your business up and running all day, every day.

Protect your business

Keeping your business operating is not our only concern. At LionFront we think security is a must since SMB’s are getting more and more targeted by ransomware and other malware. The good news is security does not have to make things complicated. Our products and technicians will do the hard work for you and make your Business always secure, with you not even noticing!

Keep your costs under control

Zero downtime and top-notch IT security are what any business wants but not at any cost. At LionFront we specialize in SMB’s and we adapt our portfolio on services to your needs and budget. We do not bargain and security and maintenance but we found the right formula to make it really competitive. Using our your services will not only help save money, it will also give you predictability in your IT Budget!

Professional Services

The LionFront team will ensure that your company stays secure and IT compliant to help you run your business stress-free.

Our team of technology experts uses the best tools and technology in the industry to perform network audits and security optimization.

We ensure that our focus will be on providing the best IT solutions so you can focus on your business.

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Engineering Firms

The latest technology and software provided by LionFront focuses on efficiency, optimization, data security, and network audits.

This helps your firm handle client information with ease and combat against data-breach.
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Financial and Accounting Firms

LionFront’s technology initiative includes services that can drive an effective compliance program.

Mitigate potentially damaging breaches, and ensure that your client information confidentiality is protected.
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Looking for a one-stop solution for your technical concerns?