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Enterprise Solutions


One-time scan for your Social Security Number,

One-time scan for your Social Security Number,

One-time scan for your Social Security Number,

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Dark Web Full Protection Repair


One-time scan for your Social Security Number,

Email and Phone Number

Free Experian Credit Report every 30 days

Experian Credit Monitoring and Alerts

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Total Internet and Security Privacy Plan


Prevents online ID theft

Detects threats in real-time

Won't degrade your browsing experience

Your computer has a unique fingerprint that's used to identify and track you. TrackOFF works like a glove to protect it.

State-of-the-art technology identifies attempts to collect your personal, family, medical, and financial data.

Some software blocks essential elements of webpages. TrackOFF allows the good and stops the bad.

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Industries and Professions

Financial Services

As you’re probably aware the financial industry are major hacker targets because your data contain such confidential and valuable information.  Your reputation is everything and governments hold you to a high standard for data security.

Downtime is also a major concern and expense. We’ll discuss, review and provide a comprehensive report on your present security level and efficient ways to satisfy your requirements.  Our online techs will be monitoring your systems 24/7 to maintain and fix issues.
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Design Professionals, Lawyers, and Accountants

We have considerable experience in supporting multi-location call centers and their security needs. The cost of downtime for a call center in dollars and reputation is huge. A data breach would be a disaster. Discuss with us double firewalls, managed commercial AV

& mirror cloud backups, 24/7 monitoring/maintenance/fixes/reporting etc to decrease downtime and increase network security.
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Other Businesses and Professions

Most businesses and professions go out of business when hacked or have IT systems issues. Ordinary firewalls and anti-virus are ok but don’t control more than 30-50% of threats.  Downtime is hugely expensive and can lose customers and clients.

We’ll provide 24/7 services from free monitoring/reporting to a comprehensive security and support program tailored to your desires and needs.  Our time is free to discuss and provide a comprehensive report for your consideration. Let’s talk.
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Retail Business IT Security and Support

We know the cost of POS systems being down or confidential data breaches.  Our techs can often find issues prior to your locations opening or quickly solve a problem remotely.

Our monitoring and security programs will provide a high level of security.
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Security and Support

Your services and opinions are built on reputations of proactive planning, advice and delivery of value.  Hackers are breaching databases and installing ransomware to embarrass you.

Governments and professional societies demand that you protect your data.  Downtime due to rebuilding databases or systems issues can delay your workflow to clients and cost lost profits.

We’ll analysis, discuss and report on your present security and systems in a comprehensive report.  From this report and discussions you can start with our free services or decide to engage in an 24/7 security and support program.  We also offer IT compliance auditing and maintenance if you desire.

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Small and Medium Business SMBs

SMB’s have become a target for hackers accessing private data, invading bank accounts and installing ransonware. They realize most SMB’s have 30-50% threat protection.

Breaching the SMB allows them access the the SMB’s clients also.

We’ll drastically reduce your downtime and work with you to become cyber secure with an investment that works for you.  We even provide free lite system monitoring for alerts and give free reports. You can either opt for a proactive plan or add services from a menu over time.

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Business Commitment 24/7 .Keeping Your Systems Safe and Operating


We are based in Halifax, Canada with offices in Bogota, Colombia and the Island of Mauritius.  The offices outside Canada provide highly trained IT professionals.  These locations allows us to control costs, function in other than English and cover many time zones.
Although we try to keep the scope of our services to cyber security and network support we have considerable experience and knowledge in other IT areas.
We’re completely client focused and always finish the job.


We work 24/7 protecting SMB’s and professional firms from cyber attacks and maintaining their IT systems. Our professionals use the latest software to prevent data breaches and all other threats.  When you’re operating your business or relaxing we’re monitoring, fixing and maintaining your workstations, networks and servers.  No matter how smart the attack is or the system failure is we’ll bring you back to operation quickly.

We work with various industries, mainly small and medium businesses. Cyber criminals are aiming at SMBs as they’re more susceptible to cyber crime. We work with financial accounting firms, legal representatives, design firms, to name a few. We offer a comprehensive protection plan to ensure maximum security to the business and client data.

We’ll save you money by preventing downtime, keeping you compliant with privacy and protection of data laws, not being subject to ransomware and not needing onsite services very often.

Looking for a cyber security audit of your business? Get in contact to get a free cyber security audit from our experts.


Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach

This scanner is using HaveIBeenPwned databases.